Gloucester & Our History

We love the Cafe Rene building and it's environs. If you would like to send us any information about the building or the Greyfriars/St Mary de Crypt/ Marylone area, we would love to hear from you. We do have a Roman well in the middle of the pub and another hidden away. Information about the area is sketchy, and we know very little history, but can you remedy that? Please send source of information also as we would like to verify facts. Here follows some history of Gloucester and current photos of the area. 

This little nursery rhyme was a comment on the awful state of Gloucester's roads. Legend has it that during a visit by Edward 1st, his horse sank into the deep mud in a city street and he then refused to ever return.

Dr. Forcester went to Gloucester

in a shower of rain

He stepped in a puddle,

right up to his middle

and never was heard of again

Greyfriars Ruins

Speaker's Corner St Mary De Crypt

The Oak Room Old Bell Inn (our sister pub) from an old postcard

The Roman Well in Cafe Rene